la vache qui rit

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  1. Geplaatst op 2005/07/12 om 23:54 | Permalink

    hahahahahahahahaa, wicked :)

  2. Geplaatst op 2005/07/13 om 05:57 | Permalink

    colouful udders rock my world

    hahahahahahahaha. i love you. this is awesome. FINALLY, mr petit paradis!

  3. Geplaatst op 2005/07/13 om 06:14 | Permalink

    bois in da paradizz

    hahaha, red eddy and you are the petit paradis gang!

  4. Geplaatst op 2005/07/13 om 07:46 | Permalink

    Re: bois in da paradizz

    hell yeah! your drawings are the shit! :)

  5. Geplaatst op 2005/07/13 om 22:30 | Permalink

    it must be pretty fun when people suck your tits :P

  6. Geplaatst op 2005/07/14 om 11:31 | Permalink


  7. Geplaatst op 2005/07/22 om 17:49 | Permalink

    you should join my community, i’d be honored to have your art posted there ^_^

  8. Geplaatst op 2005/07/24 om 20:07 | Permalink

    a mother is an artists worst critic

    I showed my mother the drawing just now. she has just returned from a holiday in praque. (yes, well at last someone went) so her only vague comment about the drawing: “it’s not exactly jugendstil, isn’t it?” I should probably see in the light of her recent trip ;-)

  9. Geplaatst op 2005/07/24 om 23:03 | Permalink

    Re: a mother is an artists worst critic

    jugendstil? i assume it’s an artist’s son’s most feared word?


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