Also published in DESTROYER #3, Feb 2007

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  1. Geplaatst op 2005/08/14 om 22:51 | Permalink

    you are an amaizing artist ya know? I feel priveleged just knowing you

  2. Geplaatst op 2005/08/15 om 01:19 | Permalink

    wow… way to use a new style!

    hmmm, his tiger seems a little hungry….


  3. Geplaatst op 2005/08/15 om 12:01 | Permalink

    the opposite of def

    and you’re my most loyal fan! it’s funny that you like my drawings AND def leppard! opposites attracts, sort of ;-)

  4. Geplaatst op 2005/08/15 om 12:04 | Permalink

    jugend, still ill

    but, mother, I’m too old for jugendstil now!

  5. Geplaatst op 2005/08/15 om 14:09 | Permalink

    Re: jugend, still ill

    ahhh… maybe a little art nouveau, then?

  6. Geplaatst op 2005/08/15 om 15:12 | Permalink

    Re: jugend, still ill

    hmm, me hungry now!


  7. Geplaatst op 2005/08/15 om 15:32 | Permalink

    Re: jugend, still ill

    btw, this boy looks like one of the more healthier models of mr. schiele (if it is not himself who is posing here, which I think it is). normally his chosen ones definately live up to “jugend, still ill” (I visited a drawing show of him last month, which left me a bit disappointed. his fin-de-siecle adolescent angst seemed a bit dated by now, not for nothng some of his more tortured self-portaits reminded me of morrissey, but then without the camp humour genius of the latter)

  8. Geplaatst op 2005/08/16 om 13:18 | Permalink

    Re: jugend, still ill

    yeah, it’s a self-portrait of him and i agree that he definitely carries a lot less angst in comparison with a lot of his other self portraits.

    egon schiele has a humor of his own that i seem to appreciate greatly. it’s very subtle but i think it’s definitely genius.

    morrissey… i’m not familiar with his works. (forgive my ignorance in this area) the only morrissey of whom i know of is steven morrissey of the band,the smiths heheheh

  9. Geplaatst op 2005/08/16 om 14:53 | Permalink


    if its not love than its egon that will bring us together lalalala

    (one day I hope you will time to show me herr schiele’s particular sense of hahaha)

  10. Geplaatst op 2005/08/16 om 18:18 | Permalink


    i honestly can’t point to what it is exactly.

    when i see his artworks, there’s just something about it that makes me laugh… take his self-portrait with chinese lanterns for instance:

    it’s an amazing painting and yet subtlely funny to me. his facial expression, his eyes, and the subject himself. i really can’t say why i find it humourous but it captures something in my imagination and triggers the humour bone. =P

    is it not humourous to you?????

  11. Geplaatst op 2005/08/16 om 19:32 | Permalink

    Re: subtilite-de-schiele

    I can see a bit what you mean in this one. his face makes a sort of mock-prudent expression (to the austrian bourgouisie?). austria then has a long tradition of artists more or less aggressively shocking the establishment. the 60s wiener aktionists with all their blood/slaughter/nude happenings and contemporary directors like haneke. at the art centre here in rotterdam they’re showing the art collection of a big austrian bank. they have huge collection of mostly german and austrian controversial art from the 60s till now. showing artists like elke krystufek who has a video where she uses a cucumber as a…well, you know ;-) (not a pretty sight, though it was perhaps the first time I actually saw a vagina from this close :-)

    of course people can find the humour in that work as in more of the other works. I can perhaps see it (like in an old 60s performance by valerie export of a movie box, where she walks around holding a carton box in fornt of her breasts and asks people to feel the inside of the box, part of a critique of cinema as opposed to reallife experience) but I don’t really laugh.

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