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  1. Geplaatst op 2005/12/27 om 19:33 | Permalink

    lovely pictures!

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  3. Geplaatst op 2005/12/27 om 23:22 | Permalink

    x0 )

  4. Geplaatst op 2005/12/28 om 04:02 | Permalink

    i love it like candy ^_^

  5. Geplaatst op 2005/12/28 om 05:23 | Permalink

    pane erike, jste moc rozkošný

    so cute!!! ^^

  6. Geplaatst op 2005/12/28 om 10:26 | Permalink

    jste moc rozkošný….which means?

  7. Geplaatst op 2005/12/28 om 12:12 | Permalink


  8. Geplaatst op 2005/12/28 om 16:02 | Permalink

    you are too cute (i put in the english translation) haha


  9. Geplaatst op 2005/12/28 om 20:54 | Permalink

    :)))) super
    est-que tu as deja entendu quelque chose de MOYDODIR?
    c’est un personage de Konstantin Chouquovsky,
    en francais probablement il s’appelle autrement, pas moy-do-dir,
    (faut que j’essaie de trouver-comment)

  10. Geplaatst op 2005/12/28 om 21:49 | Permalink

    I cannot find anything about neither chouquovsky nor moyodir on the net,
    but i’m very curious….

    could you lead me to some pictures of that pesonage?

  11. Geplaatst op 2005/12/28 om 22:10 | Permalink
  12. Geplaatst op 2005/12/28 om 22:29 | Permalink

    translation-WASH ‘EM CLEAN

    trans. E. Felgenhauer

    From my bed
    The blanket fled,
    And the sheet refused to stay,
    And the pillow,
    Like a billow,
    Gathered up and flew away.

    I got up to reach the light,
    But it also took to flight.
    I decided I would look
    At my coloured picture-book –
    In a twinkling it had fled,
    Hiding underneath the bed.

    the rest you will find here:

  13. Geplaatst op 2005/12/29 om 09:41 | Permalink

    the croc in this picture reminds me of the croc-characvter from the cheburashka series

  14. Geplaatst op 2005/12/29 om 09:48 | Permalink

    water and peace

    hahaha expect my future drawing to look something like this!


  15. Geplaatst op 2005/12/29 om 11:04 | Permalink

    Re: translation-WASH ‘EM CLEAN

    there is a nice selection of cartoons streaming here:

    though the moydodir one will nolt open :-(

  16. Geplaatst op 2005/12/29 om 11:51 | Permalink

    Re: translation-WASH ‘EM CLEAN

    da! you can now see it here:

    it’s wonderful!

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